How To Remove Your Children From Their DS/Your iPhone

It’s that time of year again, holiday season!

We all know, from films, that this is the time of year to pull out that bikini, effortlessly place your ‘seen and not heard’ children in the car, smile and sing to the radio as you drive down the road (with the children not saying a word in the back, of course), and arrive at your destination, before settling down with a nice glass of champagne, to enjoy a sunset.

That’s how it goes, right?

Not quite! We all know, from experience, that this is the time of year when someone forgets their pyjamas, the children begin a chorus of ‘are we nearly there yet’ and ‘I’m bored’ before you’ve even hit the end of your street, you grimace as you listen to ‘Harry Potter’ for the 65th time in some sort of attempt to pacify the kids (as they continue to tell you they’re bored/hungry/need the toilet), and you arrive at your destination more tired then you set off, for a quick beans on toast and a get-the-children-in-bed-it’s-nearly-ten-o’clock.

But have no fear! We can help! We will rid you of that background ‘I’m bored’, I’m hungry’ and ‘are we nearly there yet’. We have a huge range of things in stock to occupy your children for hours and hours as you face The Dreaded Car Journey.

Age 1-3

Finger Puppets

These will keep your children entertained for hours! With hundreds of combinations and stories to make up, your imagination will run wild, as will there’s! Lots of fun to be had with these simple, but effective, toys.

Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

With plenty of scenes to choose from there’s hours of fun to be had with these sticker pads, take the stickers on and off, move them between scenes, stick them on the window (or a sibling’s arm!). With more than one child you can easily rip the pages out and give them a couple of pages each. At only £4.99 these sticker pads are a real bargain.

Choo Choo Tracks

Guide the marbles through the maze using a magnetic wand. A great toy for any child aged 2+. The marbles stay in the plastic case so they won’t get lost! There’s no right or wrong way to play this maze.

Marbel Hape Cars

These chunky wooden cars are brilliant for any little one aged 1+. They’re easy to grip and push around and will last a lifetime! The perfect little persons alternative to a Siku car.

BigJigs Number Picture Puzzle

Just the right size to slot in your handbag, let your child match the numbers with the pictures. Great for helping your little one learn to count from an early age, it won’t only entertain them, it will also help them learn! All for only £1.99.

Age 4-7

Melissa & Doug Colouring Books

These jumbo, multi-themes colouring pads contain 50 pictures for only £4.99. With loads of different designs, these books shold really help to spark the imagination, no matter how many hours you’ve been sitting still!

Style Princess/Create Your... Books

These books are beautifully made and full of things to colour and draw. Design your house, your pet or your outfit with Princess Mimi.

Siku Cars

Climb the treacherous icy slope (your car window), race down dangerous descents (the side of your car seat), skid round sharp corners (the arm rest), a simple little car can keep kids entertained for longer than you would ever imagine! Even better, once you get to the beach, you can make a race course for them out of sand!

Card Games... with a twist

Starting with ‘My first Sounds’ (Age 4+) and moving onto ‘Times Tables’ (Age 7+) these card games can be used to play snap or pairs They're great fun for all the family, pick your game, deal the cards, and make sure you shout ‘snap’ first!

Magnetic Noughts & Crosses

If you’re a princess & frog kind of person or if pirates are more your thing... magnetic noughts and crosses is a brilliant game across the ages. The magnets will stop the pieces from running away, and the smiley characters will keep you smiling no matter how many traffic jams you come up against! A brilliant game for all the family.

Water WOW!

Colour with water, let it dry and colour it again! Suitable from 3+, this is a no mess, activity. It comes with a refillable water pen which can be stored in the note pad. There are a number of designs to choose from and within each design there are different pictures on different pages.

Usborne Activity Books

With loads of books to choose from, featuring pirates and footballs, right through to simple doodle designs, Usborne have a great range of activity books to keep kids busy. Whether it be colouring in or joining the dots, there are lots of activities in these books to keep little hands and minds occupied!

Age 8+

Travel Games

Battleships, Guess Who, Connect 4 and Cludeo. Play with your sister, your Dad or your dog. These miniature versions of classic games are great for dropping in your hand luggage for long journeys, and at 2 for £10, you can’t go wrong!

Top Model

The older version of Style Princess, Top Model is perfect for older children. Create dance outfits, wedding outfits and t-shirts. Dress up your favourite celeb., or have a go at doing some make up design.

Brain Bites

In all sorts of themes from Safari to Shakespeare, these quirky quizzes will help increase your brain cells! With three levels of difficulty, kids and adults can be on equal playing ground. Be the first to fill your brain with brain cells and you’ll win the game!

Classic Family Games... the card version.

From Monopoly to The Game of Life, these card games are brilliant. They can be played by all the family and are a twist on some classic games. Great for dropping in your handbag and whipping out when approaching the 3rd hour of being stuck in traffic jam on the M25.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you survive The Dreaded Car Journey! (I’m afraid we can’t do anything about the forgotten pyjamas, though!)

We hope you have a fantastic holiday :)