Treasures Top Toy ideas for Christmas 2017

10th November 2017

Once the leaves start to turn our chats with customers become more focussed on what are going to be the sought after toys this Christmas. Parents start watching a little more closely what their children are drawn too and how long they linger. Our key measure is how excited children get, price is not a factor here. Our top picks this Christmas have made our list as we hope these are toys that your children will still be playing with after the Christmas holidays.

Lego always features in my top picks; my children are big fans and they have loved the Lego Masters TV programme this year. We have many Lego boxes and I have seen plenty of new creations after each episode of Lego Masters, I doubt I am alone.

There are several Lego ranges I could pick all have their merits. I have selected from Ninjago (much excitement about the new Movie) and Friends new snow theme.

Lego Ninjago
Ninjago Green Ninja Mech Dragon £44.99 Age 8 – 14 years

One of several LEGO Ninjago movie sets, this kit allows you to ride the Green Ninja Mech Dragon into battle against the Green Ninja's evil father, Garmadon.

Friends Snow Resort Chalet
Friends Snow Resort Chalet £39.99 Age 7 – 12 years

We have seen a renewed interest in Friends Lego since the snow theme launch. The detail included with this Chalet is super, two mini figures Amy and Andrea in winter outfits with skis and their cute husky puppy, who even has his dog bed in the girl’s bedroom. An outdoor hot tub and a snowmobile for exploring. Plenty to keep your child entertained.

Hatchimals – 4pk with bonus - £9.99, Glittering Hatchimals £64.99 and the Hatchimal Surprise - £74.99 Age 5 – 10 years

Still riding high on last year’s Christmas success, Hatchimals are set to feature in letters to Father Christmas across the land once again. The collectable eggs starting at £1.99 have been very popular and the 4 pack with a bonus character will make a great addition to this year’s Christmas stocking. If you are looking for the big Christmas present the New Hatch, Hatchimals Surprise maybe the one. The magic will be the moment your child hatches their egg to find they have twins, (this could be a good present to share). Once hatched the twins go through 3 development stages baby, toddler and kid needing your child to care for their creature through each one. Once developed the twins will interact, dance and have a range of games. Children may need some help to get the most out their Hatchimal.

PJ Masks Vehicle
PJ Masks Vehicle with figures (5 to collect) - £13.99 | Headquarters - £49.99 Both from age 3 years

The toys for this lovely programme arrived earlier this year and have been an instant success. Three school friends Connor, Amaya and Greg become Catboy, Owlette and Gekko at night and go on adventures solving mysteries and generally doing good. The vehicles and the figures are the most popular and for the big Christmas line there is the PJ Masks Headquarters.

Addict-A-Ball + Rubix Cube
Addict-A-Ball - £14.99 Age 6 – 100 years | Rubik’s 2*2 - £8.99 Age 8 – 100 years

We have a tradition of adding a new family game to our home each Christmas and in this age of technology this is one I am keen to keep. If you have not yet tried Dobble and Tenzi these are worth a look, they continue to be our bestselling games (try these out at Treasures). New to our list this year Addict-A- Ball and Rubik’s 2*2. Addict-A-Ball is a tricky 3D maze which twist and turns through the ball. The aim is to simply get the ball from the maze start to end without falling off. True to its name once you have started you won’t want to stop. Get all the family involved great and a great present for those children who have everything!

Rubik’s cube remains popular and the 2*2 edition will make a great stocking filler.

Pokémon Trainer Kit
Pokémon Trainer Kit - £22.99 Age 4 (ideal age 6 – 9 years)

If you have a Pokémon fan you will already be familiar with names like Charmander and Squirtle. The Poke balls are perfect for younger children who want to play Pokémon but loose interest in the cards. The belt can hold up to 6 poke balls and the pouch can hold a further 6, this set includes a special edition Flareon.

Latches Barn
Latches Barn - £34.99 Age 3 – 6 years

This beautifully crafted sturdy wooden barn is brightly painted both inside and out. It features six brass-hinged doors with locking latches and locks and a brass handle on top so you can easily carry your barn from room to room. Comes ready to play with 4 farm animals and room for you to add more. This will make a lovely classic wooden toy gift.

Top Model Diary with Secret Code and Music
Top Model Diary with Secret Code and Music - £17.99 Age 6 – 12 years

Always a popular choice and the designers at Top Model are constantly adding new lines and features. Having your own secret code to open the diary is a hit with children and the music goes down well too. Sure winner.

Crazy Aaron’s Mixed by Me
Crazy Aaron’s Mixed by Me – Glow in the Dark - £19.99 Age 6 – 12 years

Putty, slime and play foam have been a huge hit this summer. Its easy to see why, once you start playing with putty its very relaxing. Children at Treasures tell me Arron’s Crazy putty is “the best”. This award-winning set Mixed by Me, will make a great gift. As well as mixing your own colours there are 3 special effects included shimmer, sparkle and glow in the dark. Plenty of combinations and little mess. Another sure winner.

Our Generation Poseable Andalusian Horse
Our Generation Poseable Andalusian Horse - £59.99 Age 5 – 12 years

Our Generation dolls are beautiful, great fun with plenty of accessories and children love the size of these dolls (18 inches). This white horse arrived this summer and is striking, it comes with plenty of accessories to keep it looking lovely and moveable joints for more fun horse riding. Keep the box too to convert into jumping fences or to use as a horse stable.

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